Brown Citrine Crystal Cluster (Free Shipping)

Brown Citrine Crystal Cluster (Free Shipping)

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Brown Citrine Cluster


Enjoy this beloved beautiful brown crystal stone. Citrine stones consists of highly energized properties perfect in an assortment of areas such as:

-       Cleansing the chakras, which also helps to open up internal intuition

-       Helps with providing success and prosperity

-       Raises self-esteem and self-confidence

-       Stimulates the mind and promotes motivation in self-creativity and self-expression

-       Helps with balancing emotions

This stone is perfect for any meditation space and/or to be placed near you when you are sleeping. 


Each stone is blessed by Thomas in which he meditated for a few minutes on each stone before it is shipped out.


**Sizes of each stone will vary approx. 0.75 – 3 inches in Length

    Each purchase will come with 1-2 citrine stones where sizes will vary


 All sales are final. Please allow 1 week from purchase to ship