Brown Agate Magnets - Free Shipping

Brown Agate Magnets - Free Shipping

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Brown Agate Magnets 


Enjoy these handmade brown agate stone magnets.

Brown Agate stone has properties that focus on comforting and protecting one's emotions. This stone helps to balance emotions as well as harmonizing / boosting one’s intellectual and physical energy. Brown Agate also provides soothing properties that work well to help individuals struggling with grief and/or loss, a major reason why Thomas uses this stone often. Simply add these beautiful stones to your fridge and enjoy the benefits!


Each stone is blessed by Thomas in which he meditated for a few minutes on each stone before it is shipped out.


**You will receive two-three magnets that will be in an assortment of sizes (approx largest is 3 inches shortest is 2 inches).


All sales are final. Please allow 1 week from purchase to ship