2021 Guide by Medium Thomas John

2021 Guide by Medium Thomas John

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2021 Guide is created by Thomas John with yearly predictions 
For the past several years Thomas has created a yearly guide for his clientele with his predictions which include:
trends, health, news, events, celebrity predictions, global changes, etc.

Each year Thomas has been accurate of many of his predictions from celebrity deaths/marriages to natural disasters

The guide is not to instill fear as Thomas is always  able to sense the positive energy for every year as well.

What does the guide contain?

1. The 2021 guide will first contain all of the national and international predictions Thomas has with the above topics
2. The guide will then be broken down into a monthly psychic forecast (each month will be in the guide) this will provide a more clear vision of what Thomas predicts for each month / what to expect. There will also be specific dates for each month - what to be hopeful for & what to be cautious of.  It also increases your chances to enjoy a more fulfilling and prosperous year. 
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The guide will also contain...........

3. This will guide will provide you with a total of TWELVE (1 per month) personal affirmations just for you!

These are for you to repeat to yourself, meditate and to practice each day. Again these will be personalized that Thomas has chosen specially for you. 

4. Also enjoy 10 Health & Wellness Tips from a health professional to help make this your year!

Use this guide to learn more about changes occurring globally along with personal things to look out for!


*** Guide will be delivered via email by PDF 



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